Company Profile


Mir Ceramic Ltd started its operation in December, 2003 with fully equipped Italian machinery

Established at North Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur, Mir Ceramic Ltd. started its operation in December, 2003. It is fully equipped with Italian machinery from SACMI (Manufacturer of world’s No.1 Ceramic tiles machinery) who has provided a complete set of machinery with total technology and body formulation for the tiles on turnkey basis under the whole time supervision and guidance of specialist technicians from SACMI. Colorobbia Espana of Spain and Ferro U.S.A. the two world famous companies have provided the glaze, colour and stain of the products along with technology on turnkey basis. The combined technologies of the above internationally reputed companies ensured premium quality of the tiles.

Mir Ceramic Ltd. is producing different types of ceramic tiles e.g. double fired wall tiles, single fired floor tiles and porcelain tiles (locally termed as homogenous tiles) strictly conforming to CEN (Committee European de Normalization) standard. The tiles have no pinholes and waviness, resulting in smooth and glossy surface of the glazed side. Ceramic tiles of Mir Ceramic Ltd. have the highest bending strength with lowest water absorption with strict dimensional uniformity. The company is also exporting its products to India, South Korea & Nepal.